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Selection of geological materials on the deposit or area of interest
ADD-ON TECHNOLOGY & EQUIPMENT for extracting fine minerals (less than 40 microns) from refractory sulfide ores
Through the platform "E-Geoprom" you can online:
1.Select the area of interest on the map, form and submit an application for a license in the field of subsoil use
2. to re-issue a license to use the subsoil space
3. Check the full list of geological materials related to the area of interest for further purchase.
The license gives the holder the right to use a subsoil area in order to conduct operations on subsoil use within the subsoil area specified in it.
The license for subsoil use does not refer to the permits regulated in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on permits and notifications.
The issued license is subject to publication on the Internet resource of the state body that issued the license on the day of its issuance.
Database of geological data, prospective areas and mineral deposits
As part of this module (high-precision aerospace imagery and available geological database), the platform provides a list of paid services
1.Geological and geophysical surveys;
2.Forecasting and exploration of ore and hydrocarbon deposits;
3. Surveying;
4.Innovative methods for revealing mineralized zones; 5.
5.Creation of maps (geological, tectonic, geomorphological, engineering-geological, ecological-geological, prognostic-mineralogical and other);
6.Refining, detailing of geological structure;
Monitoring of mining works, construction, etc.
For Investors.
This module is a platform for interaction of Investors and Subsoil Users.
1.Subsoil users place all data on their site (subsoil use object) such as a brief description of the site (teaser), geological materials, presentation materials, feasibility study, as well as additional materials necessary for the investor to make investment decisions.
2.Investors place their requests by sectors of interest, types of minerals, blocks and objects.
Advantages of posting on our portal:
"Placement on a specialized resource. This portal has the most concentrated audience.
The portal accumulates all the necessary materials sufficient for both subsoil users and investors in terms of decision-making.

All companies providing services in the field of subsoil use are collected in this module. This module contains the following functionality :

1.Maintaining basic service data: volumes and types of works/services, execution terms, preliminary budget, etc;

2.Service support: maintenance of agreements, orders and contracts, processing of customer requests;

3.Calculation of prices and taxes;

4.Scheduling and execution of works and services;

5.Creation of analytical reporting.

6.Rating of service companies and subsoil users.

7.Commercial offers from service and dealer companies.


Module - accumulating a complete list of requests for raw materials, as well as automating the following business processes:

1.Placement of applications from "Suppliers / Subsoil Users" for the sale of raw materials for production

2.Placement of orders from "Customers" for the purchase of raw materials for production

3.Conducting sales/purchase transactions for raw materials for production.


1.Placement of analytical information - industry opinions, presentations;

2.Modeling of business solutions;

3.Visualization of information

4.Documents and Legislation on subsoil use

5.Information on exhibitions and exhibitions results

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More than 55 objects presented on the portal for investment
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15 applications for the purchase of raw materials
More than 15 applications for the purchase of raw materials from mining and processing plants and factories are presented on the portal
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